Best of the Best

Best of the Best

The £2000 Best of the Best trout competition should be on every angler’s radar. Whether you are a pleasure angler, or a competitive angler, everyone has a chance to win big and claim the reputation as the best around. It is without doubt the biggest prize fund in the trout angling calendar!

1st Prize – £1000 cash
2nd Prize – £400 cash
3rd Prize – £250 cash
Biggest Fish (not finishing in top 3) – £200 cash
1st Blind Pairs (drawn on the day) – £100 cash
2nd Blind Pairs (drawn on the day) – £50 cash

Qualifying for the final could not be easier, simply catch the heaviest or second heaviest Rainbow trout in any one week from the following South West Lakes Trust venues, Kennick, Siblyback, Stithians or Burrator.

Fish must be witnessed and weighed by a member of staff or another angler. 2 people can qualify from each venue per week!  With unlimited entries, this is your chance to get your name etched onto the Honours board and claim the title of ‘The Best of the Best’

Past qualifying fish have varied from 1.5lb up to 6lb. You really have to be in it to win it!

2019 was the sixth year of this big money competition which has attracted anglers from all over the country.

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Bank fishing only on 29 September 2019, at Kennick Reservoir, Devon.

We are delighted to announce that the new sponsor for the Best of the Best competition is Snowbee. Simon Kidd, Sales and Marketing Manager at Snowbee had this to say;

Snowbee to Sponsor SWLT ‘Best of the Best’ throughout 2019.

With Snowbee UK being based in the South West of England and surrounded on all sides by superb scenery and fishing, we are delighted to be supporting the SWLT ‘Best of the Best’ Competition for 2019. With the best fish caught every week, from the start of the season, on all the Trusts premier waters qualifying their captors for the final, this is indeed the country’s premier ‘season long’, open fly fishing event. With the nation’s biggest prize fund too, then in addition to the great fishing across the range of the West country’s most spectacular venues, there is a real chance of any angler sharing a substantial prize especially with the new format. We are really keen to help as many anglers as possible enjoy and be more successful in their fishing all season long also, whatever their experience, so this makes for a great association for us too. ”

There will be some fantastic prizes with as many as 20 people guaranteed a prize at the final! There will also be prizes for the largest fish in qualifying from each lake.

1st Prize – £1000
2nd Prize – £400
3rd Prize – £250

Biggest Fish in the final (not finishing in top 3) – £200
Blind pairs (drawn on the morning of the final) £100
Second Blind pairs (drawn on morning of the final) £50

Qualifying Period: 16 February – 23 September 2019
Final: Bank fishing only on 29 September
2019 at Kennick Reservoir, Devon.

Ben Smeeth, Angling Lead for South West Lakes Trust commented ‘the Best of the Best is an outstanding competition which is gaining in popularity. Not only is it the biggest in prize money but it provides a chance for anglers of all abilities to win some serious money at our final. There will be potentially 8 anglers winning from £100 to £1000 at this years final and at least another 10 anglers winning prizes! The final itself, at Kennick, is a fantastic venue for the event and I am really looking forward to it.

For more information, please contact Ben Smeeth on 01566 771930 or email

Name Fish Size Lake
Andrew Alger 2lb 8.5oz Kennick
Paul Davis 2lb 12oz Kennick
Peter Phillips 3lb Burrator
Andy Lobb 3lb 7oz Kennick
Richard Peel 3lb 1oz Burrator
Malcolme Ure 3lb 5oz Kennick
Alan Behan 3lb 6oz Burrator
Jim Heathcote 3lb 11oz Kennick
Tony Chipman 3lb 5oz Siblyback
Neil Barron 3lb 9oz Siblyback
Ian Elford 3lb 1oz Siblyback
Graham Watts 3lb 1oz Siblyback
Ron Wilday 3lb 14oz Siblyback
Andy Gooding 4lb 7oz Kennick
Allan Lawson 3lb 6oz Burrator
John Hern 4lb 0oz Kennick
Mark Sinclair 3lb 11oz Burrator
Warren Chegwidder 1lb 15oz Stithians
Paul Lingham 3lb 5oz Burrator
John Rumbold 3lb 8oz Siblyback
Terry Diamond 2lb 4oz Kennick
Steven Dean 3lb 6oz Burrator
S McCullough 3lb 5oz Burrator
Tony Hendy 3lb 8oz Kennick
Chris Bolt 2lb 4oz Kennick
Paul Jones 2lb 15 1/2oz Kennick
Paul Wicks 3lb 7oz Kennick
Duncan Kier 2lb 11oz Kennick
Allan Brown 2lb 7oz Kennick
Barry Ware snr 2lb 5oz Kennick
Alec Hoare 2lb 5oz Kennick
D Perks 3lb 5oz Kennick
Andy Lawson 3lb 8oz Burrator
Anthony Waldren 3lb 13oz Burrator
Janet Till 4lb 8oz Kennick
Chris Bee 3lb 11oz Kennick
Alex Venn 2lb 4oz Kennick
P Brown 2lb 10oz Kennick
Roger Truscott 1lb 14oz Siblyback
John Huckings 2lb 10oz Siblyback
Paul Lee 3lb 4oz Burrator
Darren Everitt 3lb 12oz Kennick

To see the competition rules please click here