SW LAKES WEEKLY TROUT FISHERY ROUND UP – Week ending 18th October 2020

Highlights of last week:

  • Dave Perks qualified from the Siblyback Troutmaster fish off with 3 rainbows for just over 5lbs
  • Kennick – Malcolm Ure 18 fish to his boat (17 rainbows and 1 brown)
  • Richard Berrisford caught 12 fish to his Kennick boat (7 browns, 5 rainbows)
  • Kevin Sellar caught a brown of 3.5-4lbs from Burrator as well as 3 others (pic below)

Alex Johnstone with a nice brace from Siblyback at the weekend


We have 4 boats available at Kennick and 1 at Siblyback. Two people are permitted per boat but they must be booked in advance on line from our website or over the phone on 01566771930/

Siblyback Boat Bookings
Kennick Boat Bookings – Kennick has 4 boats available


Some really good fishing last week in particular by boat in central waters. Get your day and boat permit here: https://trout.swlakesfishing.co.uk/waters/kennick/#permits

Rod Average: 2.06 fish per person
Best Locations: Clampitts, sycamore wall, central by boat
Best Flies: damsel nymphs, buzzer, diawl bach, daddy’s, boobies
Best Bag: 18 fish for Malcolm Ure – 17 Rainbows and 1 brown by boat

Check out the Kennick fishing map here
The Kennick fishing guide is here


Congratulations Dave Perks who qualifies for the troutmaster final after winning Saturdays fish off. We stocked again last week so a good time to get to Siblyback.

Rod Average: 1.14
Best Locations: stocky bay, west bank, north shore
Best Flies: bibio, damsel, orange blob, black and green nymph
Best Bag: Dave Perks 3 Rainbows for just over 5lbs

Read our guide to fishing at Siblyback here
Check out our Siblyback fishing map here


Rod Average: 1.22 fish per person
Best Locations: anywhere with deep water
Best Flies: Daddy’s, boobies, cats whisker, nomads, damsels
Best Bag: Kevin Sellar 4 browns (all returned)
Best Fish: Kevin Sellar 3.5-4lb brown

Read our guide to fishing at Burrator here
Check out our Burrator fishing map here


Only a few browns to report from last week.

Rod Average: 0.25 fish per person
Best Flies: blue and silver, vintage hardy smuggler. Oppo parachute
Best Locations: Golden Lion point, Mossops, Hollis bank

Read our guide to fishing at Stithians here
Check out our Stithians fishing map here

All the best for the week ahead.

Ben Smeeth – Head of Angling

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