SW LAKES WEEKLY TROUT FISHERY ROUND UP – Week ending 11th October 2020


Week ending 4th October 2020

Our brown trout season has drawn to a close but what a finish it was! Amazing fishing at Roadford and Colliford!

Highlights of last week were:

  • Colliford – its biggest fish of the season was banked on the last day! 3lbs of brown trout beauty caught by dean Boucher.
  • Roadford – also produced a 3lb cracker for Roger Truscott as part of his 20 fish day!
  • Roadford – 100 browns caught for 11 returns!
  • Andy Gooding won the Peninsula classic at Kennick with 5 fish for 10lb 5oz
  • Kevin Primmer and Matt Baines 26 Rainbows to over 3lbs and some browns between them in a day at Kennick!
  • Kennick rod average over 3 fish per person

Dean Boucher’s 3lb Colliford fish (returned)


We have 4 boats available at Kennick and 1 at Siblyback. Two people are permitted per boat but they must be booked in advance on line from our website or over the phone on 01566771930/

Siblyback Boat Bookings
Kennick Boat Bookings – Kennick has 4 boats available


Kennick was much improved last week, the double stocking really helped with fish being caught all over the lake. Get your permit here

Rod Average: 3.11 fish per person
Best Locations: Clampitts, Poplar Bay
Best Flies: damsel nymphs, anything black and green, cormorant, cruncher
Best Bag: Kevin Primmer 14 Rainbows, Matyt baines 12 Rainbows and 2 browns

Check out the Kennick fishing map here
The Kennick fishing guide is here


Quiet week at Siblyback last week with 4 returns and no fish caught. We are stocking again today (13th October).

Read our guide to fishing at Siblyback here
Check out our Siblyback fishing map here


Rod Average: 1.82 fish per person
Best Locations: anywhere with deep water
Best Flies: hackled nymph, boobies, cats whisker

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Check out our Burrator fishing map here


Much improved at Stithians last week with Rainbows and browns being caught.

Rod Average: 1.94 fish per person
Best Flies: bibio, spiders, deer hair side, damsels, montana, cats whisker
Best Locations: Hollis bank, Chapel bay, Deep bank, Sailing club bank, Yellowwort point

Read our guide to fishing at Stithians here
Check out our Stithians fishing map here


Colliford finished its season with a bang! Lovely fishing and we cant wait to see what’s in store for 2021!

Rod Average: 3.5 fish per person
Best Locations: East bank, Browngelly bay, Narrows, Lords waste
Best Flies: Claret PTN, black spiders, Wickhams fancy dry, zonker
Best Catch: Dean Boucher 18 fish in three visits, Chris Tilyard 9 fish in two visits
Best Fish: 3lbs (best of the season) for Dean Boucher on the final day

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Check out our Colliford fishing map here


12 fish for 8 returns in the last week at fernworthy.

Rod Average: 1.5 fish per person
Best Locations: Thornworthy
Best Flies: Sedgehog, Bibio
Best Fish: just under 1lb for Kevin Primmer and Charlie Beney

Check out our Fernworthy fishing map here
Read our guide to fishing at Fernworthy here


I didn’t think Roadford could get any better but it did!!! What a week to fisnih the season! 100 fish for 11 returns! Some terrific sport!

Rod Average: 9.09 fish per person
Best Locations: Grinnacombe, Big Oaks, North Shop, North Goodacre
Best Flies: bibio, soldier palmer, zulu, tadpole, golden bumble, black nomad
Best Catch: 20 fish in a day for Roger Truscott and Dean Boucher
Best Fish: 3lb for Roger Truscott, numerous fish over 2lbs

Here is our guide to fishing at Roadford
Here is our new fishing map for Roadford

NEWS…….all the prices and season dates for all the lakes are located on our website here

All the best for the week ahead.

Ben Smeeth – Head of Angling

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