SW LAKES WEEKLY TROUT FISHERY ROUND UP – Week ending 9th August 2020


Week ending 9th August 2020

Highlights of last week were:

  • Dean Boucher 25 browns in a day from Roadford with two at 2lbs
  • Colliford – again the dry flies accounted for majority of the fish
  • Siblyback – Mr Hext caught 7 fish (4 Rainbows and 3 browns)
  • Mr Dadd – 8 fish to his boat at Kennick

Dean Boucher’s brace of 2lb Roadford browns (all returned and part of a 25 fish day!)…


We have 4 boats available at Kennick, 2 at Siblyback and 2 at Roadford. Two people are now permitted per boat.

Roadford Boat Bookings
Siblyback Boat Bookings
Kennick Boat Bookings – Kennick has 4 boats available and they have been fishing superb!


A steady week at Kennick last week with some good fishing had mainly by boat although bank anglers did catch fish too. Get your permits here.

Rod average: 2.04 fish per person
Best locations: central water by boat
Best Flies: Blobs, boobies, gold head damsels, Kennick killer
Best Bag: 8 fish Mr Dadd

Check out the Kennick fishing map here.

The Kennick fishing guide is here.


Black buzzers fished just under the surface were the best tactics last week. We are stocking on Tuesday 4th August so great fishing will be had later this week.

Rod average: 1.5 fish per person
Best fish: 2lbs Rainbow G Hext
Best locations: stocky bay, Crylla Bay
Best Flies: small black lures
Best Bag: 7 fish G Hext (4 Rainbows and 3 browns)

Read our guide to fishing at Siblyback here.

Check out our Siblyback fishing map here.


Burrator was harder last week with the bright sun and warm weather, with water levels dropping quickly making it tough going.

Rod average: 0.8 fish per person
Best locations: Longstone Point
Best Flies: Damsel, boobies, blobs

Read our guide to fishing at Burrator here.

Check out our Burrator fishing map here.


A tough week at Stithians with only browns recorded. Don’t forget we have a boat available if you want to venture out to deeper waters and locate some Rainbows and Blues.

Rod average: 0.33 fish per person
Best locations: Chapel Bay, Dam bank
Best Flies: black hoppers, Adams parachute

Read our guide to fishing at Stithians here.

Check out our Stithians fishing map here.


Colliford on the dries again! Majority of fish, like the week before, were caught on dries!

Rod average: 2.4 fish per person
Best locations: Boggy point, middle car park
Best Flies: foam beetle, red hopper, small black dries, straggle palmer
Best Catch: G Hext 5 fish to 1lb 2oz on dries
Best Fish: 1lb 2oz G Hext

Read our guide to fishing at Colliford here.

Check out our Colliford fishing map here.


Some really nice fishing at Fernworthy last week with a health rod average. No dry fly action reported from the few people that made returns but nymphs and lures worked really well.

Rod average: 2 fish per person
Best locations: Thornworthy, Lowton
Best Flies: hares ear, sedgehog, black beetle, diawl bach, sedge
Best Fish: John Lawton 1lb 4oz

Check out our Fernworthy fishing map here.

Read our guide to fishing at Fernworthy here.


Amazing sport at Roadford last week – rod average of 9.25 browns per person!!!!

Rod average: 9.25 fish per person
Best locations: Daveys Bank, Wortha, bays around the edge of the lake by boat
Best Flies: soldier palmer, black spider, tadpole, corixa, sedge pupa
Best Catch: Dean Boucher 25 browns in a day
Best Trout: 2lbs x2 for Dean Boucher and Jeff Ferguson
Best Perch: 2lb 2oz Ian Hayes

Here is our guide to fishing at Roadford
Here is our new fishing map for Roadford

NEWS…….all the prices and season dates for all the lakes are located on our website here.

All the best for the week ahead.

Ben Smeeth – Head of Angling