Week ending 28 June 2020

Superb fishing

The fishing was really good last week which is great considering the hot weather. The Rainbow fisheries produced consistent rod averages. Highlight of the week was Jamie Gillman who had a 5lb 8oz Rainbow at Siblyback. Plenty of dry fly action to be had now.


Great news for boat anglers – boats are now bookable for Roadford and Siblyback. Here are the links to book a boat which can only be done online or by calling our office on 01566 771930.

Roadford Link
Siblyback Link
Kennick Link – Kennick has 4 boats available and they have been fishing superb!


Boat fishing is the way forward at the moment with fish down deep. We have 4 boats available. Book here.

Rod Average: 2.5 fish per person
Best Locations: central water by boat
Best Flies: damsels, montanas. Blobs, boobies
Best Fish: 3lb 6oz and 3lb 4oz for Mike Herring by boat
Best Bag: 19 Fish for Malcolm Ure by boat

Check out the Kennick fishing map here
The Kennick fishing guide is here


The fishing is superb at Siblyback despite the heat last week. Brilliant dry fly and nymph fishing. We stocked again so expect more of the same this week ahead!

Rod Average: 3.51 fish per person
Best Rainbow: Jamie Gillman 5lb 8oz Rainbow
Best Brown: Kevin primmer 2lbs
Best Locations: stocky bay, North Bank
Best Flies: Coch-y-bondhu, Sedgehog, damsels, foam beetles, nymphs, montana
Stats: 25% of anglers caught a full bag last week

One angler commenting ‘the best hours fishing I have ever had!’

Read our guide to fishing at Siblyback here
Check out our Siblyback fishing map here


Really consistent fishing at Burrator last week! great time to make a visit this week.

Rod Average: 3.5 fish per person
Best Locations: Longstone, Lowery point, Pines Bay, Back bay
Best Flies: damsels, blobs, buzzers, montanas
Best Bag: 7 fish for Matt Baines and M Mcilwaine

Read our guide to fishing at Burrator here
Check out our Burrator fishing map here


Steady sport at Stithians last week – rod average over 2 fish per person and Steve Glanville caught a Rainbow just under 3lbs.

Rod Average: 2.3 fish per person
Best Locations: sailing club, Mossops, Carmanellis
Best Flies: black gnat, ererger, sedge, coch-y-bondhu, blobs
Best Fish: 2lb 12oz Rainbow for Steve Glanville

Read our guide to fishing at Stithians here
Check out our Stithians fishing map here


Really consistent fishing here at the moment. Plenty of fish being caught and lots of interest in the flies – the challenge is hooking the fish!

Rod Average: 4.6 fish per person
Best Locations: East Bank, Browngelly Bay
Best Flies: B&P spider, bibio, sedge pupa, GRHE
Best Catch: Dean Boucher 10 fish
Best Fish: 1lb 8oz Dean Boucher

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Check out our Colliford fishing map here


Fernworthy was consistent if not spectacular last week. Dries still being most productive.

Rod Average: 3.08 fish per person
Best Locations: Thornworthy, North Bank
Best Flies: sedgehog, sedge, coch-y-bondhu, black beaded nymphs, peacock
Best Fish: 2lb Nigel Easton
Best Bag: George Hext 11 fish

Check out our Fernworthy fishing map here
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Just the one return from Roadford last week with no brownies. Boats are available again now for Roadford!

Here is our guide to fishing at Roadford
Here is our new fishing map for Roadford

NEWS…….all the prices and season dates for all the lakes are located on our website here: https://trout.swlakesfishing.co.uk/season-dates-and-prices

Here is the link to my pre-season trout newsletter with all our changes for 2020! Details on lots more fish stocking and the work we have been doing.

All the best for the week ahead.

Ben Smeeth – Head of Angling