Week ending 14 June 2020

Superb fishing

Last weeks fishing was spectacular to say the least! All the fisheries performed really well. Please read on and see the fantastic results! This weeks forecast is looking great so what a time to be out fishing.

Jon Ogborne with his brownie of around 1lb 8oz


Kennick was superb last week with some great fishing had. Boat fishing was by far the best and boats are bookable here.

Rod Average: 3.6 fish per person
Best Locations: Clampitts, Poplar Bay, central water
Best Flies: blobs, claret snaffler, damsels, diawl bach, montana
Best Fish: 3lb 2oz Chris Hurford
Best Bag: 26 Fish for Malcolm Ure by boat

Check out the Kennick fishing map here

The Kennick fishing guide is here


Absolutely fantastic fishing again at Siblyback last week – 30% of anglers catching 5 or more fish and lots of dry fly action.

Rod Average: 3.95 fish per person
Best Fish: David Parkin 4lb 8oz Rainbow
Best Locations: all areas
Best Flies: Coch-y-bondhu, Sedgehog, montanas, buzzers, blobs, hoppers
Best Bag: 17 fish for Geoff Vernon (1 Brown, 16 Rainbows)

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Check out our Siblyback fishing map here


Simply brilliant fishing again last week at Burrator – you must visit if you have not already!

Rod Average: 5.5 fish per person
Best Locations: Longstone, Lowery point, Sheepstor, Pines Bay, Central water
Best Flies: damsels, black hoppers, buzzers, kennick killers
Best Bag: Duncan Kier 19 fish

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Much better fishing at Stithians last week – fish seem to be in tight pods but they are fighting very hard and stripping anglers to the backing!

Rod Average: 2.3 fish per person
Best Locations: sailing club, Goonlaze, chapel bay
Best Flies: diawl bach, buzzer, sedge, hares ear, nomads, black blobs

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Colliford was amazing last week! Absolutely amazing! 53 fish for 7 returns! Say no more!

Rod Average: 7.57 fish per person
Best Locations: East Bank
Best Flies: B&P spider, Hoppers, bibio, Captain Peacock, Foam beetle
Best Catch: Dean Boucher 42 fish in 3 visits
Best Fish: 1lb 8oz for Dean Boucher

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A scenic and moody Colliford


Amazing fishing at Fernworthy last week!

Rod Average: 6.37 fish per person
Best Locations: Thornworthy, Brownhills
Best Flies: sedgehog, B&P spider, bibiom klinkhammer, diawl bach, sedge, stick fly
Best Fish: 1lb 10oz Alan Judd
Best Bag: Charlie Beney 18 fish

Check out our Fernworthy fishing map here

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Rod Average: 1 fish per person
Best Locations: none noted
Best Flies: diawl bach, damsel
Best Fish: 1lb 10oz Nigel Easton

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NEWS…….all the prices and season dates for all the lakes are located on our website here.

Here is the link to my pre-season trout newsletter with all our changes for 2020! Details on lots more fish stocking and the work we have been doing.

All the best for the week ahead.

Ben Smeeth – Head of Angling