South West Lakes Trout Fisheries Report – March 2020

No sooner had the new season started at the South West Lakes Trust Trout fisheries, than within a month the Coronavirus epidemic has forced the closure of all the Trust’s sites for the foreseeable future.

Sadly, with effect from 17.00 on 23 March, the Trust closed all recreational facilities at their lakes to help restrict the spread of coronavirus. This is without exception and includes all activity centres, campsites, visitor centres, cafes, angling facilities, and car parks until further notice.


Kennick – With only a few insects hatching, most of the fish remained in the deeper water, with weighted nymphs (Gold Head Damsels) and lures (Cats Whiskers, Blobs, Boobies and Nomads) fished on sinking lines catching the fish. Rods averaged 2.5 fish per angler, with the northern banks (Laployds, The Narrows and Clampitts) producing the best sport, with boat anglers also catching well in Outer Clampitts Bay. A number of Rainbows over 3lb were caught, including one caught by Andy Lobb, along with some good bags for boat anglers – M. Ure caught a bag of 13 Rainbows.

Siblyback’s season opened with some superb fishing – a rod average of 5 fish per angler. Most fish came to a selection of sub-surface nymphs (Damsels, Montanas and Diawl Bachs) or lure patterns (Kennick Killers, Vivas, Tadpoles and Sibly Sizzlers) fished on sink-tip and intermediate lines. Mr J.Kier, from Hayle, caught the best fish of the month – a 6lb 2oz Rainbow, while Duncan Kier, from Belstone, caught the best bag – 17 fish (all returned).

Siblyback Stocking

Siblyback Stocking

Stithians started the season well in spite of wet and windy conditions and, while there were a few surface feeding fish, all catches were taken on sunk lures (Blobs, Vivas, Cats Whiskers, Orange Nomads and Tadpoles) or nymph patterns (Damsels and Bibios), with the most productive banks including Pub Bay, Goonlaze, Chapel Bay and the deeper water by the Dam. A number of Rainbows over 2lb were caught, with R. Marks (from Redruth) catching the best fish of 2lb 12oz.

Burrator produced excellent sport in the opening month, with many full bags, including Rainbows, Blues and Browns. Rods averaged 5.9 fish per angler and fish up to 4lb 11oz (caught by Mr. S. Carpenter). In spite of a few early morning buzzer hatches, all fish were caught subsurface patterns (mainly Damsel nymphs, Boobies and Nomads), with the best areas including Deep, Longstone and Pig Trough Bay banks, with the water between Longstone and Sheepstor Dam producing excellent sport for boat anglers. A group of six float-tubers enjoyed an outstanding day, catching and releasing 128 fish, with several between 3lb and 3lb 8oz.

Mark Sinclair’s Burrator Rainbow

Stuart McCullough’s Burrator Brownie

Colliford’s season started promisingly, with the occasional fish rising to a dry pattern when small black buzzers were hatching. Local angler Dean Boucher enjoyed an excellent day’s sport, catching seven (all overwintered and excellent conditioned) browns up to 16”, using a variety of tactics – two fish on dry Bobs Bits, the rest on pulled wet patterns (including Soldier Palmers and Black Zonkers) fished on a floating line. Teams of spiders on droppers and a Black Tadpole on the point also produced good results, with fish up to 18” for Dean on another visit.

Dean Boucher’s 2lb Colliford Brownie

Fernworthy started the season well, with anglers averaging six fish per rod, mostly caught on Tadpoles, Black and Peacock Spiders and Bibios. Potters Bank and Thornworthy Banks were the most popular locations.

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