Fisheries update

I hope you’re all staying safe with this awful virus outbreak we are engulfed by. It’s with great sadness that we have had to close all of our sites. This includes all the fisheries which is such a shame now the weather has improved! Health comes first and we have taken this decision to protect everyone, so please bear with us during this difficult time.

There was some remarkable fishing at Burrator last week with a rod average just under 10 fish per person! David Williams catching and releasing 34 fish! This has to be a record!!

Kennick was also on really good form with a rod average over 3 fish per person and Colliford produced a cracking brownie of 2lb.

Dean Boucher’s 2lb Colliford Brownie

The Best of the best heats have been postponed until further notice. Siblyback (28th March) and Kennick (11th April). The Snowbee team event in April at Siblyback is also postponed.

NEW FOR 2020:
There are links under each fishery for the new guides of how to fish each lake and also the new fishery maps so you can see the locations which are fishing really well! Definitely worth a read!

Kennick was good last week with a rod average over 3 fish per person.
Rod Average: 3.13 fish per person
Best Locations: Laplloyds, Narrows and Clampitts
Best Flies: gold head damsels, boobies, nomads and blobs
Best Fish: 3lb 2oz Rainbow for Mr M Malpas
Best Bag: 11 fish for Malcolm Ure by boat

Check out our new Kennick fishing map here
The Kennick fishing guide will be posted here as soon as its finished!

We don’t have the details for last weeks fishing at Siblyback due to staff not being able to access site sue to coronavirus.

Read our guide to fishing at Siblyback here.
Check out our new Siblyback fishing map here

Burrator was phenomenal last week with rod average of 9.86 fish per person!! David Williams catching 34 fish individually!

Rod Average: 9.86 fish per person
Best Locations: Longstone, pig trough bay
Best Flies: damsels, nomads, boobies
Best Bag: 34 Rainbows for David Williams on Catch and release

Read our guide to fishing at Burrator here.
Check out our new Burrator fishing map here

Stithians produced some nice fishing last week with anglers catching just over 1 fish per person on average. Well done to John Henderson who won the CAST fly fishing clubs opening competition of the year with a bag of 5 fish.

Rod Average: 1.2 fish per person
Best Locations: Pub bay, watersports centre, dam, North shore, Goonlaze
Best Flies: bibios, black tadpoles, green damsels
Best Fish: 2lb 2oz Rainbow caught by Mr Roger Marks
Best Bag: 5 fish for Mr John Henderson

Read our guide to fishing at Stithians here.
Check out our new Stithians fishing map here.

Colliford produced 2lb Brownie last week to regular Dean Boucher caught on a dry fly!

Rod Average: 3 fish per person
Best Locations: all over
Best Flies: black bits, soldier palmer
Best Fish: 2lb Dean Boucher
Best Bag: 3 fish for Dean Boucher

Read our guide to fishing at Colliford here.
Check out our new Colliford fishing map here.

Rod Average: 3.5 fish per person
Best Locations: Thornworthy Bay
Best Flies: tadpole, B&P spider, bibio, woolly bugger
Best Fish: 1lb 4oz Dean Boucher
Best Bag: 10 fish for Dean Boucher

Check out our Fernworthy fishing map here.

No fish were caught at Roadford last week.

Here is our guide to fishing at Roadford
Here is our new fishing map for Roadford

Key dates March and April 2020:
All events and competitions postponed

BREAKING NEWS…….all the prices and season dates for all the lakes are located on our website here.

Here is the link to my pre-season trout newsletter with all our changes for 2020! Details on lots more fish stocking and the work we have been doing.

All the best
Ben Smeeth – Head of Angling