England Qualifier Results – Siblyback Lake, 3 November 2019

AT-Teff Siblyback Bank Qualifying Heat

The morning of Sunday 3 November started with a light Westerly wind and a bright sky, a couple of fish were landed and several were hooked and dropped almost immediately by a few of the anglers.

Nik Tompkins, a Burrator regulator, was quick to get into the fish and continued throughout the day, resulting in 11 points, making him the first position qualifier.

Derek Aunger hooks the first fish of the day

After lunch the weather deteriorated fast, with high level and gusting North Westerly winds and torrential rain, making it very uncomfortable to fish.

Nik Tompkins

Qualifier No 2, with 5 points, was Mick Dodkins, a Siblyback regular. Ron Howard, travelling all the way from Chepstow to fish the qualifier, was rewarded with the 3rd position with another 4 points and a first fish at 09.39, with another local Siblyback regular, Ron Wilday, Chairman of the Siblyback Fly Fishing in 4th position, with 4 points and a first fish at 10.00.

Nik Tompkins 1.12 Rainbow

It was a very bedraggled, wet and windswept bunch of anglers in the lecture room for the results, but everyone enjoyed their day.

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Derek Aunger – Organiser