SW LAKES WEEKLY TROUT FISHERY ROUND UP- Week ending 29 September 2019

Rainbow and Brown waters

Fishing was improved last week. Kennick hosted the Best of the Best final and congratulations to Andy Gooding on winning the £1000 top prize! Andy caught nearly 30 fish in his three days fishing (including practice and the comp), mostly to damsel nymphs fished on a floating line and 20 foot leader and only a couple of foot below the surface.

Siblyback rod average was over 3 fish per person and Kennick 2.5 fish per person.

Dean Boucher’s 2lb 4oz Brown from Colliford caught on a black spider.


Rod average: 2.52 fish per person

Best flies: Daddies, Damsel, Boobies, Cats Whisker

Best locations: Clampitts, poplar bay area

Best Bag: 12 fish for Andy Gooding

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Rod average: 1 fish per person

Best Flies: Damsel, boobies

Best Locations: West Bank, Longstone, Sheepstor


Rod average: 0.9 fish per person

Best Flies: Claret hopper, small nymph

Best Locations: Pub bay, sailing club


Rod average: 3.25 fish per person

Best Flies: Popper hopper, big red, shipmans

Best Fish: No big fish but plenty showing

Best Location: Stocky bay

Brown Trout

Dean Bouchers 2lb 4oz fish from Colliford was the highlight of the week. Picture above.


Rod average: 3 fish per person

Best Locations: Grinnacombe and daveys

Best Flies: Soldier palmer, black tadpole, zulu

Best fish: 12oz for Dean Boucher


Rod average: 2.22 fish per person

Best locations: North Bank

Best flies: Daddies, bibio, coachmans

Best fish: 1lb 8oz Mr Murphy


Catch more fish at Colliford with this guide.

Rod Average: 1 fish per person

Best locations: Redhill flats

Best flies: Black spider

Best fish: 2lb 4oz Dean Boucher

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BREAKING NEWS……..Our trout angling strategy and major changes for 2019 can be viewed here.

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All the best for the week ahead. Ben Smeeth – Head of Angling.