SW LAKES WEEKLY TROUT FISHERY ROUND UP Week ending 22nd September 2019

Rainbow and Brown waters

Considering the conditions the fishing was pretty tough last week, perhaps the sunny spells put the fish deep?!

Siblyback provided the best fishing with fish to just shy of 3lbs and some good sport to be had, plenty of nips and takes that were tentative. The picture below is a cracking Rainbow for John Rumbold from Siblyback which was released to fight another day!

The picture is a cracking Rainbow for John Rumbold from Siblyback which was released to fight another day!

Did you know – at Burrator at Stithians we do a 3 hour anytime ticket which is £13 and you can fish any 3 hours of the day you wish. Something to bear in mind if time is limited and you don’t want to fish when it’s tough in the middle of the day. We are extending this offer to Kennick and Siblyback for August and September!! Tickets and details available here:


Rod average: 0.6 fish per person

Best flies: Daddies, Damsel, Boobies, Cats Whisker

Best locations: central waters by boat, outer clampitts by bank

Best Bag: 3 fish for Mr Brown

Book a boat 01647 252898


Rod average: 1` fish per person

Best Flies: Damsel, buzzers

Best Locations: West Bank, Longstone, Sheepstor


Rod average: 0.3 fish per person

Best Flies: persuader size 12

Best Locations: Goonlaze


Rod average: 2.75 fish per person

Best Flies: montana, Siblyback sizzler, stonefly, B&G nymph, cats whisker

Best Fish: 2lb 7oz for Mr P Tuson

Best Location: stocky bay

Brown Trout

We had just the one return for Colliford and Roadford combined last week. Fernworthy did produce some fish but was also pretty tough.

Don’t forget if you fancy something a bit different the Perch fishing at Roadford is superb. More details here:


Rod average: 0 fish per person

Best Locations: the bays

Best Flies: try Hoppers, B&P spider

Best fish: nothing caught last week


Rod average: 0.93 fish per person

Best locations: Brownhills, South Bank

Best flies: black beatles, Invicta, black spider

Best fish: 1lb 9oz


Catch more fish at Colliford with this guide:

Rod Average: 1 fish per person

Best locations: try Lords waste and redhill flats

Best flies: Kate Mclaren

Best Fish: 8oz Mr Thorne

Don’t forget permits are available online www.swlakesfishing.co.uk or from permit rooms on site (not Colliford or Wistlandpound). You can also fill in a catch return online 

Key dates 2019:

  • Best of the Best Final at Kennick 29th September

£2000 in prize money to be won! Details here on how to enter:

BREAKING NEWS……..Our trout angling strategy and major changes for 2019 are viewable here:

BREAKING NEWS…….all the prices and season dates for all the lakes are located on our website here: 

All the best for the week ahead.

Ben Smeeth – Head of Angling.