SW Lakes Trout Fisheries Report – September 2019

Water temperatures generally remained high for most of September, with a few very hot sunny days, which meant that generally fish stayed deep, with only a few fish rising in early mornings and evenings. Anglers were able to take advantage of the special ‘3 Hour Anytime Ticket’ (2 fish limit) at Kennick, Siblyback, Stithians and Burrator during the month. The coming weeks should see water temperatures starting to drop and fish more eager to feed.


Kennick – Although the majority of fish remained in the deeper water, fish could still be tempted to take dry patterns, either to dry Damsel flies or Claret Snafflers (Michael Herring, from Thurlstone, caught a bag of seven fish on a Claret Snaffler while fishing from a boat over the deeper water); otherwise Blobs fished on a sinking line proved to be the best pattern (Darren Everett, from Moretonhampstead, caught the best fish of the month, a Rainbow of 3lb 12oz, using a blob). The water level remains high and Copse Bay proved to be the best area to fish from the bank.

Siblyback – Water levels are still low at Siblyback, exposing a lot of soft, muddy shoreline, and anglers are advised to fish the banks with care. The fishing has continued to be challenging, although the occasional hatch of small black buzzers produced some good sport using a floating line with an intermediate polyleader and a slow ‘figure of eight’ retrieve. A few fish were tempted to the surface to take a dry spider midge, although a sub-surface Montana generally produced the best results.

Burrator – The water level is now down to just over 50%, which means that there is plenty of fresh bank exposed. The most productive banks have been at West Bank, Longstone, and Sheepstor. Although there have been a few buzzer hatches, as well as beetles and Daddies blown onto the water, dry fly anglers have had little success. Sub-surface nymphs (Damsels and Montanas) and teams of buzzers have accounted for most of the fish caught, with a few deeper fish taking Booby patterns.

Stithians – There have been a few Brown Trout feeding from the surface, which has produced some good dry fly fishing, although the Rainbows have become dour and uninterested in looking at any potential food. Sedge patterns (sedge hopper and red-arsed green sedge) and deer-hair emergers have been tempting the Browns in North Bay and Pipe Bay, while Gold-Ribbed Hares Ears have had some success in Pub Bay.

Roadford – Two new Coulam boats are now available for anglers (along with an engine for hire) and boat fishing has been extremely successful during the month (especially covering the deep water over the boils). Mike Stone (from Starcross) and Duncan Kier (from Belstone) enjoyed an excellent day’s sport from the boat, catching (and returning) 22 fish up to 2lbs between them (Black dry Spiders and Squinkies accounting for most for the fish). Other successful patterns included dry Black Gnats, Hoppers, Black and Peacock Spiders and Black and Claret Pheasant Tail nymphs, with Grinnacombe and Shop Inlet fishing well from the bank. Andy Birkett (from Plymouth) caught the best bag of the month, catching 17 fish from a boat on either dry Black Gnats or dark nymph patterns.

Dean Bouchers 1lb 8oz brown taken from Roadford

Fernworthy – Floating line fishing has been the preferred method this month at Fernworthy, with a number of fish rising to sedge patterns, Beetles, Black Gnats and Klinkhammers, or taking spider and dark nymph patterns just below the surface. Paul Ackland (from Plymouth) had a couple of successful outings, catching eight fish up to 1¼lbs on dry sedges and black nymphs on the first and six fish (two of 2lbs) on size 12 dry sedges on the second. The bank at Brownhills was the best location for Paul.

Colliford – The fishing at Colliford has, at last, come into its own this season, with anglers catching some decent bags and enjoying excellent sport. The area by the dam, Lords Waste and Redhill Flats have produced the best fishing, with fish coming up to Beetles, Black Daddies, Hoppers and Black Spiders fished in the surface film. Pulled Bibios and Soldier Palmers on the droppers also caught fish and the Browns are also now looking for fry, with Pin Fry Zonkers picking up some nice fish. Local angler Dean Boucher had some cracking days’ sport, catching 17 fish up to 2lbs in three sessions from all over the lake – as ever at Colliford, it pays to cover as much bank as possible.