South West Lakes Trust Trout Fisheries Report – August 2019

The warm water temperatures that continued throughout August (generally over 20ºc), meant that fish generally headed to the cooler, deeper water and fishing on the lakes has not been easy, with the best sport to be had either early in the mornings or evenings. South West Lakes Trust has introduced a special ‘3 Hour Anytime Ticket’ for £13 (2 fish limit) for August and September at Kennick, Siblyback, Stithians and Burrator – for more information call 01566 771930.


Kennick – The majority of fish were down near the bottom in the deeper water and the best fishing was from the boats, which were able to access the deeper waters of Boat Bay, the Dam and the middle of the fishery. Bank anglers caught fish in Clampitts Bay. A few fish were taken on dry Claret Snafflers and Michael Herring (from Kingsbridge) caught five fish on Sedgehogs whilst fishing from a boat with a floating line. Some fish were caught on nymph patterns (Diawl Bach, Montana and Damsel nymphs), but most were taken on deep-fished lure patterns – especially Boobies, as well as Tadpoles and Cats Whiskers. Water levels are still nearly full.

Siblyback – Water levels at Siblyback are now down to about 50%, exposing a lot of soft, muddy shoreline and anglers are advised to fish the banks with care. The fishing has been challenging, with no surface feeding fish and fishing deep lures early in the morning produced the best results. Boats allow anglers to access the cooler, deeper waters.

Burrator – Buzzers are evident on the water, with fish feeding at the surface in the early mornings. Teams of Buzzers and Damsel Nymphs have accounted for some of the fish caught this month, however the majority of fish have been caught on lure patterns (particularly Tadpoles as well as Boobies and Fritz Patterns). The fish are at various depths (some anglers catching near the surface, others taking fish near the bottom), with the best results either at Longstone or the West Bank. Water temperature is over 20ºc and levels are now around 50%, which means that more areas are now accessible from the bank and there is plenty of room for back-casting.

Stithians – The fishing at Stithians improved as the month progressed, with a few fish feeding on the surface although, apart from a few fish caught on Daddies, all fish were taken on a variety of sub-surface patterns (including Gold-ribbed Hares Ears, Soldier Palmers and Orange Lures). Chapel Bay proved to be the best location as well as the deeper water by the dam.

Roadford – Bank fishing has been difficult in August, with the best sport enjoyed from a boat, especially over the deeper oxygenated water at the boils, where Andy Birkett (from Plymouth) had the best day’s sport, catching twelve Brownies up to 1lb 4oz in one session. Fly patterns to try include Soldier Palmers, Spiders and Black Tadpoles.

Dean Bouchers 1lb 8oz brown taken from Roadford last week

Fernworthy – In spite of midges in reasonable numbers in early August, only the occasional fish rose to the surface to feed, preferring to stay in the cooler, deeper water with Boathouse Bay, Thornworthy Bank and the South Bank proving to be the best fishing locations. As the month progressed, more surface-feeding fish became evident, with a few being tempted to rise to Bibios and Klinkhammers. A floating line fished with a long leader is the method of choice, with Bibios and Sedgehogs the most productive patterns. Mr. S.Chalcott caught the best bag of the month, catching twelve Brownies in one session.

Colliford – The cooler, deeper water by the dam continued to be the most popular location and, with all anglers catching fish, local angler Dean Boucher had the most successful session, catching four Browns up to 2lb 4oz using a Soldier Palmer. Bibios and Soldier Palmers caught fish on floating or intermediate lines, with fish being caught throughout the day.

Andy Cottam’s 4lb Brown Trout which is the best of the season

Dean Boucher – “Just over 18 inches long about 2lb 4oz of pure Colliford perfection”

Chris Hall (August 2019)