South West Lakes Weekly Trout Fishery Round Up – Week Ending 5 May 2019

Roadford stood out last week with some superb fishing with every angler catching more than 4 fish and rod average just under 6 per person!

Siblyback was fantastic with a rod average of over 4 fish per person – definitely the best Rainbow water last week and some really good blues caught too.

Stithians was producing plenty of dry fly action with a great hatch of Hwthorn on display! Definitely the place to go if your looking for some top of the water action! Mr T Booker caught his limit of 5 fish all in the 2-3lb bracket on an orange whisky fly.


Superb fishing at Siblyback last week! rod average over 4 fish per person and plenty of good sized fish to just under 4lbs. The Siblyback sizzler was the go to fly! Definitely worth a visit!!

Rod average: 4.1 fish per person

Best locations: Marshes, North Bank, stocky bay and two meadows

Best Flies: Damsels, montana, buzzers, hares ear, tadpole, diawl bach, Cats Whisker, Siblyback sizzler

Best Fish: 3lb 14oz Rainbow Mr T Long

Roadford was superb last week with every angler catching a full bag of fish! Another fish just under 2lbs was caught and the boat fishing was great so well worth takin a boat out!

Rod average: 5.86 fish per person

Best locations: Daveys Bank, Wortha, Grinnacombe, dam

Best Flies: soldier palmer, Bibio, Kate McLaren, Invicta, Claret Dabbler

Best Fish: 1lb 12oz Brown Jon Ogbourne

Picture of a 17 inch (1lb 12oz) Brown for Dean Boucher from Roadford last week.

Kennick was really good again last week with a rod average of 3 fish each. A new season best of 6lb 4oz Rainbow was banked too and loads of fish over 3 and 4 lbs.

Rod average: 3 fish per person

Best locations: Laployds, Narrows, central waters, boat bank

Best flies: Tadpoles, Damsels, PTN, Cats Whiskers

Best fish: 6lb 4oz Rainbow Mr I Beecroft

Most Fish: 18 for Malcolm Ure

Fernworthy was a little less consistent last week but the rod average still just under 3 fish per person. Some really good sport had by the organised float tubers. Get in touch if you want to have a go tubing!

Rod average: 2.64 fish per person

Best locations: south bank, farmhouse bank, Brownhills

Best flies: Sedgehog, pearly dabbler, klinkhammer, bibio, sedge, invicta

Best fish: 2lb Brown for Mr Hawkins

Burrator was much harder last week but we have now stocked again on 7th May with plenty of 3-5lb Rainbows and some blues. Longstone is the area to head to and Hoppers and Blue flash damsels are the go to flies at the moment! Fish are still showing well but majority of fish being caught deeper down.

Rod average: 1.1 fish per person

Best locations: Longstone

Best flies: Hoppers, Blue flash damsel, Daddy Longlegs, Black Midge

Best Fish: 4lb 6oz Rainbow for Al Behan

Stithians was great for dry fly fishing last week and we expect this to continue for a couple of weeks now as the fish feast on the Hawthorns!

Rod average: 2 fish per person

Best locations: Pipe Bay, Pub Bay, North Bank, Yellowwort, Goonlaze, Sluice and deep bank

Best flies: Hawthorn, black gnat, foam hawthorn, klinkhammer, green damsel, black hopper, diawl bach, black buzzer

Best fish: 3lb Rainbow


Colliford was pretty slow last week with rod average of 2 per person but they did come to dries blind even though not many fish were seen rising. Hoppers worked really well so if you want some dry fly action, stick to it even if you cant see any rising fish!

Rod Average: 2 fish per person

Best locations: dam area, Browngelly bay

Best flies: Hoppers

Best fish: 1lb 4oz Brown

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        Peninsula Classic at Kennick 30th June

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All the best for the week ahead. Ben Smeeth – Head of Angling.