Trout Fishing at Crowdy

Crowdy Reservoir, Camelford, Cornwall PL32 9XJ
Situated in part of the Bodmin Moor Site of Special Scientific Interest we offer free wilderness brown trout fishing for wild fish from the bank. Anglers must have a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence (non-migratory). Permitted angling methods at this reservoir include spinning, fly or bait. ‘Catch and release’ option is available (barbless hooks to be used), otherwise up to 4 fish over 7″ may be taken in a day. Free car parking.

Remember to carry out basic biosecurity on all your kit before and after fishing. Check, Clean and Dry all your equipment. For more information see our biosecurity and invasive species page.

Wilderness Trout Fishery: Season 15 March – 12 October.

This is a free fishing water with a bag limit of four fish over seven inches. Anglers must hold a current Environmental Agency Rod Licence to fish at Crowdy Reservoir.

Species: Wild Brown Trout
Season Date: 15 March – 12 October
01288 321262

Fishery Info:
Address: Crowdy Reservoir, Camelford, Cornwall. PL32 9XJ
Fishery Size: 115 acres