South West Lakes Trout Fisheries Report (July 2018)

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The prolonged period of hot, dry, bright and sunny weather continued throughout July (with air temperatures approaching 30 ºc) resulting in water temperatures consistently well over 20ºc (up to 26 ºc near the surface) and water levels continuing to fall throughout the month. The Trout have remained dour, particularly the Rainbows, with most of the fish activity in the mornings and evenings – they have tended to stay deep and inactive during the main part of the day. 

Kennick – Although catch rates have generally been around one fish per angler, a few anglers have caught decent bags of up to ten fish per visit, with 3lb Rainbows caught by Roy Robinson, from Newton Abbot, fishing from a boat using a Cormorant, and Phillip Watts, from Dartmouth, using a Beetle while fishing in the Narrows. Boat anglers fishing the deeper water in Clampitts Bay, by the Valve Tower, and the central areas of the fishery have enjoyed the best and most consistent sport. Apart from a few fish taking Beetles off the surface, sinking lines with Goldhead Damsels, Diawl Bachs, Cormorants, Boobies and Blobs have proved to be the most effective method.

Siblyback – Fishing has been slow at Siblyback, although a number of feeding fish have been topping at Two Meadows. In addition to a healthy number of midges on the water, there are plenty of fry in the shallows which should result in some exciting bank-side sport as water temperatures start to drop.

On 15 July over 40 people attended Siblyback’s “have a go” fishing day, ranging from children to grandparents. Everyone enjoyed having some casting instruction, tying a few flies and the free BBQ. The event was run in conjunction with the newly formed Siblyback Fly Fishers Association. 

Burrator – There have been hatches of midges at Burrator, although only a few surface feeding fish. Longstone Bank has proved the most successful, along with the area between the dams for boat anglers, with anglers catching fish on small Black Gnats, Damsel Nymphs and deeper fished Boobies, Blobs and Black Lures. The water level is now well below 50%, with a lot of fresh bank exposed.

Colliford –.Plenty of fish rising at this Brown Trout water, with a selection of Olives, Midges and Sedges hatching and fish up to 2lbs have been caught on dry Sedges and Beetles on fine tippets (try a small #16 Adams on 3lb nylon), particularly from the banks near the dam. During a recent Carp removal exercise (80 fish removed), a monster wild Brown of 9lb 8oz was caught, and carefully returned, which, along with another very large fish recently spotted from the bank near the toilet block, shows that there are some cracking resident fish at Colliford.

Fernworthy – The Browns here have been aggressively jumping to take damsel flies in flight above the surface and anglers have had some success with bushy black dries, Hoppers and Sedgehogs, as well as sub-surface feeders taken on Black and Red Buzzers and Pheasant Tail Nymphs. The best location has proved to be the North Bank, opposite the permit hut.